Air Elegance can weave together gorgeously 

personalized acts for any kind of festivity. The team will enchant all those present with gentle performances raining down from the sky, as spectacular as they are touching. Book these marvelous aerial acts - executed with the safety of all in mind - for your weddings, incentives, festivals, theater shows, .. you name it. We promise you'll be left with an unforgettable experience. 


For Those who've always wanted to peek behind the scenes of - or those who'd rather expand their dancing technique with the wondrous aerial dance, look no further. Focussing on tissu and Lyra, the team takes on the very first-timers as well as the true professional dancers, and trains them at a location of their choosing. Conveying their passion for aerial dance onto others, is a passion on its own for Air Elegance.

Workshops,   private classes and coaching

Have you been searching for a special act that could truly lift your event to a whole new level? How about having Air Elegance serve your visitors drinks and other niceties in a most fairytale-like manner, handing them out from the sky? The team gracefully descends from the heavens and shares any kind of treats with the crowd; be it chocolates, a glass of champagne or a gadget of sorts... All that is up to you. 

Heavenly Gifts