Air Elegance​ is what happens when two professional dancers reach out for the stars. Founder Pauline and partner in crime Oona are self-thought aerial artists who perform with a style of grace and finesse that seems to come naturally to them. Witnessing an Air Elegance show, one can immediately tell that the two ladies pour their hearts and souls into every move they make.

Pauline and Oona perform separately, or as a duo. Together they aim to create an emotional, elegant, serene and charismatic performance that is eligible for theatre, events, projects of all sorts and more, be it on a national scale or beyond.

Their undisputable skills and passionate determination have seen them enter the ​Belgium’s Got Talent finals (‘16) and leave as the jury’s favourite. Since then they've been giving it their all every year on the main stage or VIP Experience of ​Tomorrowland​ too. Most recently, Air Elegance got selected to perform their immaculate duo act at ​Cirque Du Soleil At Sea​.

For all inquiries concerning bookings, workshops, or anything else related to Air Elegance, please head over to the ​contact page​.